Pink Will Be The Colour Of Mexico City Taxi Cabs

Every few years Mexico City's cabbies are required to repaint their cars a new scheme.

This has helped to control and monitor cabs, going a long way in making a once-notorious business more professional, reliable and safe. The number of kidnappings by taxi drivers has declined significantly.

Taxi drivers grumble at the expense, convinced that the cousin of someone in City Hall owns a car-painting business and is benefiting from the latest repigmentation program. Others view it as an ego trip for the latest mayor, Miguel Angel Mancera, who took office in 2012 and wants to put his stamp on the city's transportation system.

I'm sure that since pink is such a vibrant colour the whole project will catch on well with Mexico's taxi drivers. You can read more HERE.


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  2. Well, they're certainly adorable. And they'll probably be really easy to spot, even easier than yellow cabs I'd imagine.

    Fred |

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