Prisoners Dressed in Pink

Forget about those dreary orange prison jumpsuits you've gotten use to seeing on TV: Prison just got some fashion sense.

How do they expect to keep inmates from re-offending when they dress them so well?

Pink Will Be The Colour Of Mexico City Taxi Cabs

Every few years Mexico City's cabbies are required to repaint their cars a new scheme.

This has helped to control and monitor cabs, going a long way in making a once-notorious business more professional, reliable and safe. The number of kidnappings by taxi drivers has declined significantly.

Taxi drivers grumble at the expense, convinced that the cousin of someone in City Hall owns a car-painting business and is benefiting from the latest repigmentation program. Others view it as an ego trip for the latest mayor, Miguel Angel Mancera, who took office in 2012 and wants to put his stamp on the city's transportation system.

I'm sure that since pink is such a vibrant colour the whole project will catch on well with Mexico's taxi drivers. You can read more HERE.

Pink Planets

60 light years from Earth, astronomers have discovered a new planet, colored  pink! Named GJ 504b, it's about the size of Jupiter.

It’s also the smallest planet that’s ever been directly imaged with a telescope, rather than being observed by eclipsing its parent star.

Image Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/S. Wiessinger
If that wasn't news enough another pink planet was discovered - this one orbiting our own sun:

Astronomers say there's a PINK planet on the edge of our Solar System.

The lump of ice and rock circles the sun at a greater distance than any known object, never getting closer than 12bn km (7bn miles).

The Pink Eraser

Remember the joy of getting the brand new eraser and using it to disappear math mistakes in grade 3? And that unique odor of crisp rubber it gave off?

The pink Cadillac of all pink erasers is the Pink Pearl.

Pink Cars Of The 1950s

Fifty years ago a man could drive a pink car without anybody making assumptions about his sexuality.

From the blog, 'Auto Universum...'

In the early 1950s, clear, crisp pastel colours were the order of the day. Pale green in particular was widely popular, being a favourite on Fiat 500’s and 600’s and the single most popular color in the U.S. in the early 1950s. Toward the later part of the decade, customers gravitated to more deeply saturated mid-tone colours including aqua, turquoise, salmon and coral red. These three shades, along with the aforementioned pink, became signature colours of the era.

The Pink Flag

Few nations in the world have harnessed the power and glory of using pink in their flag. For some reason colours like red, black, and even gold are popular. Still others use yellow or orange.

But some places dare to be different.

One such place is the province of Newfoundland in Canada...

These are Newfoundland's unofficial colours. A lot of Irish people settled there and this is a very Catholic-looking flag. But since the British controlled the place they chose something more English to be their ensign. Regardless, this tri-colour is still flown by many Newfoundlanders.

Now here's the awe inspiring flag of a Spanish separatist movement...

Leonese country is a proposed autonomous state.

I can only predict that as more people realize that pink is a novel shade they will demand that their leaders adopt it.

Just imagine...